Saturday, October 06, 2007

OK, Maybe I Will Question Your Patriotism

I believe that once you say, "the world would be better off if the US lost a war" you can't call yourself a patriot and your statement to that effect is a valid and reasonable basis to question someone's patriotism.

There's a subtle point here. Consider the following conversation:
A says, "The US would be better off if we lost this war."
B replies, "Yeah, the world would be better off if the US lost this war."

A's statement provides no basis to question his patriotism. However, B's statement expresses no concern for the interests of the US, but of "the world." His silence about what would be good for the US provides the basis to question his patriotism.

We must be clear that though the US is a part of "the world" the interests of "the world" and the interests of the US do not necessarily coincide. If you put the interests of "the world" ahead of the interests of the US, you are no patriot. If you act accordingly, those actions are treasonous.

Friday, October 05, 2007

That's How S/he Expresses Patriotism

I would like to apologize to those whose patriotism I've questioned. I merely failed to properly define patriotism. I had thought that patriotism consisted of things like support for our troops during time of war, saluting the flag, and supporting the democratic process and the foreign policies of duly elected legislators and executives.

However, the semantic scales have fallen from my eyes and I now understand patriotism much better. Henceforth, every time I note the treasonous words and actions of people, I'll say:

"Spitting on our troops is just how Code Pink expresses their patriotism."

"Taking up arms against the US military is just how John Lynd expresses his patriotism."

"Working to secure the defeat the US on the battlefield is just how Harry Reid expresses his patriotism."

"Dishonoring the memory of her son is just how Cindy Sheehan expresses her patriotism."

"Slandering his brothers in arms in fraudulent testimony before Congress is just how John Kerry expressed his patriotism."

"Lying about his military record and atrocities of our troops overseas is just how Jesse MacBeth expresses his patriotism."

"Defrauding the New Republic with admitted lies is just how Scott Thomas Beauchamp expresses his patriotism."

Here's a corollary: "The New Republic, by publishing the lies and saying nothing when they're proven false is just how they support our troops."

Yup, from now on, I shall no longer question anyone's patriotism.