Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Pyrrhic Victory?

Reading this I remembered that a couple months back I asked a rabid Democrat acquaintance (at the time I thought him a friend), "if the Republicans win, will you abide by the results of the election?" His answer was no answer, just an abusive tyrade.

- Florida 2000,
- the Democrat rhetoric of "selected, not elected",
- massive voter-registration fraud,
- violence directed at Republican offices and
- plans for pre-emptive complaints of voter intimidation anyplace the election is close.

Each of these things undermine our system of democracy. Mr. Green's prescription is to hand the Democrats an electoral spanking. Years back Detroit made cars nobody wanted and they cost about $2k more than comparable Japanese cars. The market spanked Detroit; I bought a Subaru. Detroit fixed its problems, and now I drive a Saturn and a Chrysler. I'm a Republican, but I've split my ticket on several times in the past, voting for a conservative Democrat over a liberal Republican, or a pro-life Democrat over a pro-choice Republican.

This year, I'm seeing Mr. Kerry undermining the people, institutions and nations he'd have to work with on the international stage if he won. I'm seeing the Democrat party doing a hatchet job on the institutions that make this country "a stronger america" than the rest of the world. I don't know who'll win next month, but I hope it is not a Pyrrhic victory and I won't excuse any Republican who'll burn this country and the world down to secure power.

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UML Guy said...

I'm a pretty strong supporter of President Bush. I think Senator Kerry is wrong in far too many ways to count.

And if the election is just too close to call, and the Democrats start up with their lawsuit idiocy, then I hope President Bush will do what's best for the country: concede, and quickly. If the Democrat idiots succeed in undermining faith in the system, they will do more long-term damage than any terrorist attack could do. We can survive four years of President Kerry, because the Republicans in the House and the Senate will be strong enough to stop him from any real legislative idiocy. And when the terrorists attack and President Kerry makes a weak internationalist response, it will guarantee a landslide for a hawkish Republican in 2008. We survived 4 years of President Carter and got President Reagan as a result.

But what we can't survive is four more years of the angry left becoming angrier and doing more to sabotage our country. It would be better to give them token power and then watch them pull out the knives and eviscerate themselves as the far left tries to gain sway and the center left tries to hold them at bay.

The ideal, of course, is a decisive Bush victory; but that ain't gonna happen unless the pollsters are way clueless (which is possible). Less ideal would be a narrow Bush victory which Senator Kerry concedes; but given their investment in non-regulated election law attorney funds, I would say that that option's already off the table. They plan to contest, even if they lose, unless the margin's so large as to make them look stupid.

So if the margin's too close and a Kerry victory's statistically plausible, then I would rather have a President Kerry than a litigious civil war.