Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hatred And Mistrust In The Moslem Community

The Australian Prime Ministry contradicted multi-culti dogma by asserting that moslem communities in Australia must assimilate into Australian society, including notions of equal rights for women and other things that characterize Western values.

The response was that these statements "fueled hatred and mistrust" of Moslems.

Let's see, John Howard calls on immigrants to act civilized. Those are words. Even if they were lies, instead of fairly practical common sense, they are only words.

Moslems seized airplanes and flew them into buildings. Moslems routinely strap bombs to their children and send them into Israeli coffee shops and pizza parlors. Moslems use dead children as props in their manipulation of Western media coverage of the war they start.

Question: what cases more hatred and mistrust of Moslems? The words of that last paragraph, or the actions that those words describe?


Christine Ansorge said...

When are we going to call on Fundamentalist Christians to act civilized and respect equal rights for women? When are we going to force all those backwoods Baptists to behave? I haven't heard of any Australian Moslem terrorists. I have heard of abortion clinic bombers. What about those mangled bodies of babies that some anti-abortion groups insist on displaying in order to sway media opinion about the horror of abortion? There's a fine line and push and pull from both sides is necessary to maintain it. Keep in mind that whatever measure you use to judge will ultimately be used to judge your own actions. We all have fringe groups whose actions make us cringe. You can't judge a group in totality by its fringe.

steve poling said...

I've never heard anyone of a Baptist and/or Fundamentalist Christian persuasion seriously advocate abortion clinic bombing. I am confident that no serious Christian leader has advocated this sort of violence. Conversely, it is common to hear of such things being taught in Madrasses, and Imams calling for Jihad against Israel and America.

It's not as if I've cut myself off from the pro-life movement, having donated to crisis pregnancy centers, etc. My brother does the Life Walk thing.

There's only one abortion clinic bomber I can name specifically, that Rudolph fellow who also planted the bomb in the Atlanta Olympic village. After they locked him up, I haven't heard of any abortion clinic bombings. Conversely, every week we hear of suicide bombers in Iraq or the middle east.

I think you're citing incommensurate things to create a moral equivalence where none exists.