Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Open Letter To Debbie Stabenow

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I note with gratitude that you voted against cloture in the recent immigration bill. Thank you. I have been a voter since I voted for Gerry Ford back in 1976 and have only on two occasions split my ticket to vote for a Democrat in the years since: the first was a conservative Democrat running against a RINO in Maryland (who subsequently switched parties), and the second was a state-level Representative who happened to be pro-life when his opponent was pro-choice.

I held my nose and voted against you when you took Spencer Abraham's seat in the Senate. Frankly, I thought Mr. Abraham's tone-deafness about immigration policy is the signal reason why you were able to unseat him. Now, I'm pleased that I was wrong and you were elected, because I'm sure Mr. Abraham would have been as much a corporate tool as Mr. Bush and the rest pushing the immigration bill.

Whereas I remain a Conservative, I cannot in good conscience call myself a Republican. Because of your vote on the immigration bill I intend to vote for you the next time you stand for election.

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