Monday, October 19, 2009

Forty Ways I Told Republicans To Drop Dead

I frequently get calls from telemarketers seeking money. Recently I started getting calls from people representing the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. Since I detest the direction the Democrats are taking the country, the story the fundraisers tell is compelling to me.

There's the narrative the Republicans in DC say to us provincials. And there's the things they do. It's always wise to compare/contrast the things politicians SAY and what they DO.

So, Mr. Obama named some Congressman in upstate New York to some government job. The Congressman happened to be a Republican. This has created a vacancy and an election is being held to fill it. The Democrats have a candidate. And the Republicans decided to nominate someone who gives every appearance of being a RINO. Now, you'd think that the me-too wing of the party would take a delivery from the clue train. Did none of the party bosses in DC look out the window on 9/12 and see the Tea Partiers? What might that mean? Could it possibly be that the public is of a mind to support those who advocate smaller government?

It appears that one Mr. Doug Hoffman thought as much. He is running as the Conservative Party candidate in the New York 24th Congressional District. As a result, support for the RINO has collapsed to Mr. Hoffman's benefit. Now we have a 3-way race pretty much equally divided.

Movement Conservatives nationwide have stepped in to support Mr. Hoffman with their endorsements. On the other hand the party bosses in DC have dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on the RINO. In response groups like the Club for Growth have proceeded to buy ads for Mr. Hoffman.

A lot of Conservatives like myself are sick and tired of RINOs like John McCain co-opting the Republican party. When I heard that the people who'd been on the phone just last week begging money from me were giving it to another RINO, I was not amused.

So, Mr. John Boehner and Mr. Pete Sessions of the NRCCC, I thought you'd like to know that the money that I did not send you went instead to Mr. Doug Hoffman.

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