Saturday, May 29, 2010

Complaints versus Results

I was just struck by the difference between an unemployed housewife and the most powerful man in the world. Both have confronted intractable problems in recent weeks. A troublesome neighbor is like a stone in your shoe. And Sarah Palin has discovered that one of the herd of jackals who have viciously attacked her and her family, an accused plagiarist, has moved in next door.

A disturbing trend in American leftist political strategy is to intimidate one's targets by staging protests at his's residence (as seen here). In that case, the union thugs just wanted to shake down the bank to forgive their loans (and didn't realize the next-door neighbor could blow the whistle).

Mrs. Palin complained, but then she did something that the most powerful man in the world hasn't figured out. She did more than talk.

On the other hand, the most powerful man in the world, Barry Obama has a problem. Unlike Mrs. Palin, he is deep in the pocket of Big Oil, BP to be precise. (Incidentally, this is why the Bushies hate Palin.) Though Barry talks tough and has his minions talk about putting their boot on BP's neck, he nevertheless cashed a lot of checks from BP. The problem isn't that he sleeps with big oil and gets up greasy, it's that while the Gulf of Mexico is being polluted, he's going to Earth Day celebrations or arranging for BP to bus in props for photo ops.

Let's be fair. We have no reason to expect competence, the ability to get results, from someone who's never made payroll or produced anything of value in his life. Is a Community Organizer anything more than a professional complainer? The electorate voted for change. Competence wasn't on the ballot. Barry's talked, and organized, and instigated, and agitated. And he's never learned the lesson of King Cnut and the sea. There's a difference between having a fancy title with a lot of lackeys and getting something done.

Meanwhile, back in Alaska. Suppose you've got a troublesome neighbor who's moved in with the intent of spying on you and writing a book about it. What do you do about it after you've complained? (Aside from finding the home address of his editor at Broadway/Random House, then busing in a few hundred Palin fans.) The Palin family put up a fence.

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