Thursday, September 16, 2010

Palin Derangement By Proxy Syndrome

I just read this report wherein Mr. Hoff expresses surprise at the behavior of certain so-called conservatives like Charles Krauthammer (and by extension Karl Rove). These people have been making intemperate remarks that are supplying material to the Democrats with which to attack conservative candidates in the up-coming election.

To understand why Mssrs. Rove and Krauthammer should do this, let's look at common factors. Both targets are conservative women who have defeated the GOP establishment croniess. Both have received the endorsement of Mrs. Sarah Palin. (Mr. Scott Miller of Alaska has not received similar treatment.) Both are women.

Do Ms. O'Donnell and Ms. Angle remind Mr. Krauthammer of Sarah Palin? Do these women serve as sort of proxy that Mr. Krauthammer can safely attack and paint as nuts and sluts? I think Krauthammer does not dare say more about Mrs. Palin than that she should leave the room.

Palin Derangement By Proxy may explain a lot of recent commentary by our masters in the GOP ruling class.

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